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This is a tutorial under windows on how to erase the contents of a rewritable DVD disk so a disk was inserted and this is the trial let's right-click on it and select erase this disk ok and let's not forget that you have to use a DVD r:w that is a rewritable disc in order to erase its contents let's click Next to continue this process the entire content of the disc is totally deleted it's erased ok the process has finished in a few moments we can close this window with the finish button and let's check the content of the disc right click on it and properties and we can see that everything is zeroed out use space is 0 free space is 0 and we can use this to burn another ISO unto it

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Where can I download a PDF of Rewriting Christmas (Finding Love) for free?
After a bad breakup with her boyfriend Gunner, playwright Kinsley Preston has avoided going home for Christmas for five long years. She has no intention of going home this Christmas but then gets the extraordinary opportunity to meet with an elusive author about adapting a worldwide bestselling book into a play. The only snag? The meeting is to take place in Kinsley's home town over the Christmas break.Kinsley never expects to come face-to-face with Gunner the minute she gets home, and she certainly doesn't anticipate slipping on ice and taking him with her where she finds herself gazing like an idiot into his piercing blue eyes. No way is Kinsley going to fall for him again! Gunner broke her heart and she swears she'll never forgive him!Will Kinsley obtain her lifelong goal of writing a play for Broadway, or will she end up rewriting her heart instead?
Can one download "Cracking the Coding Interview" PDF? If so, where?
There is no electronic version of the 5th edition on sale and never has been. You can purchase the 5th edition on Amazon, Flipkart, and a variety of other places.The 5th edition is substantially different from the 4th edition -- almost twice as long, 23 new questions, expanded solutions, a bunch of new content, etc. It was basically a complete rewrite. You want the 5th edition.Also, piracy is illegal.
What are the most useful gems to use in Rails?
There are many gems to consider. The following article from RubyGarage is a comprehensive overview of many different gems, 57 Best Ruby Gems We Use at RubyGarage.If you’re looking to implement analytics, I’d also recommend checking out Segment and adding our analytics-ruby gem. Segment is a flexible solution for tracking user activity in any system. Segment provides a single API for you to send track calls that describe user activity.Our library will collect user activity that you send to Segment, and then transforms and forwards those events to any connected destination (we have hundreds of tools to choose from).To get a bit more insight into the implementation, I’d recommend looking at the following tutorial Thoughtbot created on implementing Segment into your Rails application.Hope this helps!
I need money. I want to do a part-time job. I am studying 1st year (COE) in Thapar University. How can I earn money?
There are lot of opportunities for part timers1. Start with basic web development, start as a free lancer, this will help you broaden your knowledge, you will learn new things everyday and you will make good money2. You can take tutions in mornings and evenings(this is something that not only will help you instead help the opposite person as well)3. If you are good at writing, start writing blogs, there are lot of openings for part time content writers4. You have these QSR(Quick service resturants) jobsPlease don't fall prey for those work from home jobs(the ones on the bills they stick around the city)As of now I am getting these thoughts as and how I get few more I shall help you with themThank you Anon.
How can I make my newly published novel "Going for Balm in Gilead" be known to people who are interested in immigration and migrant issues?
I’m very sorry, but User-12584786383630117302 is absolutely correct.You’ve been suckered. You might just as well have thrown all the money you spent on your book into a hole and set it on fire.Given how terrible the amazon page, the cover, and everything else is (and seriously, there are 11 year olds who could have done better) no one is going to take this book seriously, no matter what you do. In fact, I would venture to say that this vanity press did no editing, just did a rough conversion of your document to a .pdf file without bothering even to spellcheck, and sent it off to some cheap Chinese printing press.You cannot save this book. The only thing you can do is resign yourself to your losses start educating yourself on self-publishing and self-promotion, rewrite the book from scratch, hire a professional editor and book cover artist and self-publish it under another title.
What’s better, no-indexing duplicate content or rewriting it?
Rewrite it. Noindexing the pages means Google and Bing will probably still crawl them. That won’t hurt you directly, but it means both search engines will waste “crawl budget” on those pages - they’ll spend time crawling those pages that would be better spent crawling high-value content.Completely rewrite them. Changing a few words won’t work. The best approach is to:Turn the pages into rough outlines.Put them aside for a few days, so that you forget what the originals said.Write new pages based on the outlines.You’ll likely inject new information into the pages, or at least your own point of view, thereby creating new content of unique value. That’s how you fix duplication and rank for those target terms.
What is the most unprofessional interaction you've had with a recruiter?
Mine was with IBM, about 7 years ago.I’m going anonymous on this because of 2 reasons - one, it’s a great company to work with, so this might, just might, be a one-off case. Second, I just wanted to let this off my chest after so many years, nothing else. Also, this wasn’t a scam call, because after this ordeal, I tracked down the HR guy on LinkedIn, just so that I could see his face once (maybe not his fault, but still, grrrr… to him!).The difference is, I had worked with them earlier for 3 years, and absolutely loved the work culture there. But then I had to move on to a different company due to personal issues, and 3 years later, I was again called by them for an interview for a higher level band.A little background before we continue, my wife was carrying during this time, and I had taken a break from regular jobs to help things out at home. I was freelancing with some online projects in hand. But I was keeping my options open as well.This was in Bangalore. I was told that there was an initial level interview where I’ll have a short discussion with the HR to test my English language skills (I was interviewing for a senior Ops Manager position. I don’t remember which department that was for, but let’s call it the AAA dept. ). I had a face to face interview with a lady for 2 minutes where she asked me about my background. I was a bit nervous. Anyways, once it was out, I was told that they will “email me”, which is the usual synonym for “sorry dude, better luck next time”.Well I got back home and was living my life when after a month, I got a call again from the same company (this time the HR was calling, not a third party recruiter company).HR Guy: Hello, is this “S”?Me: Yes.HR Guy: Hi, this is about an interview for the AAA department, senior operations manager.Me: Didn’t you have this requirement about a month ago? I remember flunking your 1st level language skills test.HR Guy: Yes we did, but we’re considering a wider portfolio now, and you would fit in. Are you interested to attend a telephonic interview tomorrow?Me: Sure, what time?HR Guy: Can’t give an exact time, but it would be between 10 AM to 1 PM.So we agreed that they’ll call me during the time window above.Next day, 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM… nobody called. At about 3:30 PM I got a call from the HR and I was told that the interviewer was busy, and we can probably have the call the next day between 12 - 3 PM. I was fine with that, but told him that anything beyond 3 PM would be cutting it close because I had to visit the hospital for my wife before 5 PM for the doctor’s appointment the day after. I was told that I’ll definitely get a call.Next day, I waited till past 4 PM for the call, nothing happened. I then went to the hospital and was waiting in the queue for collecting the reports when I got the call.HR Guy: Hi, “S”, the interviewer became free only just now. Can we have the interview now?Me: Dude, unfortunately I’m in a hospital queue waiting to collect my wife’s reports. Let’s do this, this telephonic interview does not seem to be working out for either of us, so maybe let’s have a face to face interview if that helps.HR Guy: Ok, then you’ll have to come down to our office in Hebbal.Me: Yes I’m fine with that. What time?HR Guy: Tomorrow - at 1:30 PM?Me: Yes I’m ok with that.(My mistake here - I didn’t ask whom I should ask for once I reach there. I had only remembered this guy’s first name - Vijay - from his previous interaction with me)Next day (we had the Doctor’s appointment in the morning) I reached the Hebbal IBM office by about 1 PM. The security wouldn’t let me through without knowing whom exactly I have to meet in the HR. I decided to wait in the Barista nearby as I figured they would call me anyway.I waited till 6 PM in the evening in Barista, sipping a cup of coffee, and nothing happened.That was the last I heard from them, but it was enough to break a lot of glass mirrors inside me. Since then I’ve been called up by various recruiters, but I’ve declined every call for an interview that I got from them for similar positions. Maybe it’s a management thing which I never understood - but this helped me understand why employees are called “resources”.Thanks, I feel better now that it’s out of my chest :) !
How permanent/resilient is the University of Delft hard drive that uses atoms as the on/off bits?
I dont really know the technical details of the newly created hard drive. From what I saw, I assume that they use chlorine atoms and treat them as binary. The problem with this would be your actual control over the position of the atoms. We know that all atoms possess a certain amount of kinetic energy by virtue of the temperature. This kinetic energy can be visualised as random motion or brownian motion which makes it hard to control the position. Hence preferably the drive must be at extremely low temperatures. There could be definitely much more complex limitations sub angstrom level storage like the chances for imperfections in the system. Use of clever techniques to get around these limitations can be expected, especially from the huge talent pool within TU Delft itself.
What is the best software for scriptwriting?
A Script is the foundation of a movie. And it goes without saying only if the foundation is strong the whole building can stand tall. Likewise, only if the script of a movie is strong the true essence of a movie can be delivered.Today this is no shortage of talent in any field and the movie industry topping the list! There are many versatile writers out there with very strong and gripping scripts, ready to be made into a movie. To ease the task of these scriptwriters, in terms of formatting, there are many softwares available online. The most commonly used industry standard software being "Final Draft". However, I am here to share with you some free tools available online for Scriptwriters at large.Free Online Scriptwriting Softwares:Celtx - The most popular free choice screenwriting browser-based software. It has a free as well as popular version.Trelby - A simple to use, free open source screenwriting platform.Page 2 Stage - This open source free software is specifically designed for Window users.Plotbot - This free software allows you to partner and work in association with other writers.DubScript - Made for an Android operating system, this is mobile based software reader and writer.Writer Duet - Another brilliant software for collaborative work. It allows all the connected writers to see the edits live / immediately.Amazon Storywriter - A cloud-based scriptwriting app that allows you to access your scripts on any device and share it with others any time.DramaQueen - Bags a position among top free scriptwriting softwares. A free and paid version available as well.BPC-Screenplay - Developed for Microsoft Windows, BPC Screenplay is another good choice for writers.Story Touch - A software that permits you to analyze your screenplay as you are writing. It has a free as well as paid version.Adobe Story - Adobe's online collaborative screenwriting suite comes free of cost is one of the sort after free scriptwriting software.Source: Qries - Sharing Knowledge