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Hi everyone this is a quick tutorial on how to write a business letter so I'm going to go through and cover some quick basics just some quick tips to get started so when writing a business letter it's important that you think about keeping your language pretty formal so when you're writing a letter to a friend you can be very casual but business letters tend to be more formal in nature so you want to avoid contractions so you don't want to write isn't doesn't shouldn't you want to write out the full words because it sounds more formal did not should not cannot you want to make sure your tone is always polite and respectful throughout even if for example you're writing like I've written a business letter when I've had a when I bought something like I had a really great back or a briefcase and it fell apart really quickly after buying it so I wrote the company a letter explaining that I was really disappointed that I had bought this this briefcase and it had fallen apart but even in that I was hoping to get a new briefcase or at least a credit and so I wanted to be polite and respectful so they didn't just disregard what I was writing because it was too emotionally charged you also don't want to use slang or any conversational type of phrases that are again informal you want to keep that tone really formal throughout so it's important that you know who is your audience who are you writing what is the purpose of your letter that way you can use the appropriate tone so if you're writing you know a business letter because you're applying for either it's a cover letter for a college or maybe you're applying for a scholarship or you're trying to get a job you want to make sure you sound confident that you sound professional you use strong vocabulary so you sound intelligent you just want to make sure that you use the appropriate tone for the purpose and the audience so before you ever start writing a business letter figure out who's going to read this letter and what what kind of emotion what kind of attitude should you be showing towards that reader and the subject you're writing about and that will tell you what your tone and just think about tone as in like your tone of voice so a person's tone of voice really communicates a lot about how they're feeling and the same thing in your writing you definitely have a clear tone sometimes that tone is angry and aggressive and sometimes it's really respectful and polite so you want to make sure that you're aware of your tone and the owl the Purdue owl site which is just a fantastic resource for anybody doing any kind of writing says that the best approach to a business letter is to quote ...