Will a College Reject the Application Essay If there Are No Spaces?

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Will a college reject the application essay if there are no spaces between paragraphs? I already submitted mine. The formatting was messed up in the Coalition app and the PDF shows a single, large block of text. Should I write to the college?

To “Killer Spree” (a.k.a. criminal in training). Why do it? Instead of asking what happens to your essay once you turn it in, you should be asking a different question. “WHY should I share my essay with a lazy friend who wants to copy my work?” Plagiarism If you share your essay with someone else so he can submit your essay and pretend he wrote it (this is plagiarism!), you both would be committing a crime — whether or not you are immediately discovered. Harvard (and probably every school), for example, has ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of activity; this is what I was told when I asked the admissions office today. Your friend would be guilty of plagiarism, and you would be an accessory to his crime; in other words, you would both be criminals. Good luck on resurrecting your reputation after this is discovered! I would not be surprised to hear that schools run those essays through Turnitin or other software to see whether t were plagiarized. Even if the first essay (yours) passed the test, the presence of this essay in their database would flag any future copies of that essay. Just a point to ponder … Reputation Ripple-Effect Oh, and this fiasco will follow you around for the rest of your life. Students have been kicked out of courses — and even their university — for this, and schools have special software (e.g, TurnItIn) to uncover such deception. Later, if your friend is admitted to college based on your essay, how will he keep up the deception when he has to write something for class? Teachers have been known to require students to write during class without access to students’ personal electronics or the internet. Something to consider … Fail! When I was a professor, I would have failed any student who committed plagiarism. I know someone who was kicked out of a doctoral program for “minor” plagiarism. PERSONAL THOUGHT. I am appalled at the number of questions on Quora about essay writing services. Apparently it’s a thriving business especially for people from certain countries. This makes me also wonder about the integrity of those same students’ knowledge. If t cheat on essays, what happens when t take exams in, say, structural engineering and apply the same deceitful principles on the exam? Then, t pass their course and proceed to build bridges based on their Swiss-cheese knowledge. The end result could be far more disastrous than a misplaced comma … and we have seen some recent horrible bridge collapses in Italy and Florida to remind us of the criticality of engineering. What about medical students? Do you really want to trust your health to a surgeon who aced his medical classes by plagiarizing his essays, getting someone else to take his online exams, etc.? —Sarah M, 11/1/2018 (updated 11/9/2018) QUESTION. What happens to your college application essay after you are accepted into college? If I share my essay with another person, would he be caught?

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It may help if I give you a chance to respond as it seems that most students are guilty of such thing. Thanks. I'll think about this. I haven't found the answer to this question; if anybody knows the answer, please contact me. Thanks. I wouldn't share my essay with anyone else, but … how about if you shared your essay with an English professor in college? If you share your essay with an essay tutor (who has nothing to do with colleges or universities) you could be committing fraud. My own professors were not caught, even after I shared them with friends and relatives. In the end, it comes down to the truth (how to write well) or the truth (to cheat and get ahead of everyone else). I really enjoyed the conversation with you. I am in a situation where I'm writing an essay for my.