What Are the Tools Helpful to Write PDF Books?

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What are the tools helpful to write PDF books?

I've been using Scrivener, from Literature & Latte, which is wonderful if you do any planning at all. It also will create an ebook from your files fairly easily. It has formatting for not only novels but screenplays and most anything else you might want to write--even a dissertation. I like the ability to make files with just notes about what that scene will be about, so that when I take my writing time, I can just start typing. If I can't think of the next thing in the sequence of the story, I can go to another scene, or I can write some more notes somewhere else, and keep everything organized. I can move notes to the trash file where I can easily find them again. Scrivener will also let to save pictures of characters, maps, and any other research files all in one place. There are color codes for characters or other things you might want to track, including target word counts. It also has a name generator which will help you stay off the internet. Scrivener is reasonably cheap ($40) but you can open the program 30 times and use it free before you have to pay for it (not 30 linear days), and you can save your files and export them to MS Word or RTF. It works in Windows as well as Mac, and from what I understand, the Windows version is now just a good as the Mac version. Of course, MS Word (EDU version is cheaper) is great, and so is OpenOffice (free) or any other word processor. Do use something that has spellcheck...wordpad doesn't.

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Now, as for a scanner...it doesn't matter. As you're already reading these words that will become your dissertation, I'd hate to see the ink go down, eraser go out. All these words you're typing right now are already the basis of your writing. The best scanner I have seen, and in recent years, the best for getting scanned images is one from Fujitsu, which is what I used the first time. I bought one for 15, and the images are great, but the scanner isn't as good as Fujitsu's. That way you don't have a high price of 20 (or 50). The reason for this is that when I bought in 2002 it was out of fashion, and a brand-new scanner was around 600. I would go to a store to buy it, and I would see that 900 wasn't enough. There were no cheap ones then. Now that.

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