So I Use Microsoft Word When Writing My Short Stories?

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So I use Microsoft Word when writing my short stories, thinking about turning my short stories into a book every time I try to make a PDF all my work gets messed up, how can fix it or keep it from happening?

An excellent question and one that should be asked by ALL new writers. Short stories are harder to write than novels, in my opinion, for just that reason. What do you include and what is not important right now? Unfortunately, only experience and good teachers will help you decide that. Even then you will find yourself adding just one more scene so everyone knows why she left the love of her life for dreams to come. You need that one more page or two so the reader really gets it. (no, you don’t always.) Remember, it is a short story. It is a single event and not the whole history. Just focus on that. You can always write about eth other stuff later. Good luck.

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