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Is there a software that can collate information from different sources (MSWord, PDF, Twitter, online newspapers etc) as I research a topic and then make it available together with each source for use when I start writing my research presentation?

From the course covered you can brainstorm for ideas to generate topic ideas. The following questions offer further guidance; a. Do you have a strong opinion on the current issues of that topic? b. Do you have a personal issue, problem or interest that you’d like to know more about? c. Are there aspects covered in class that you are interested in learning more about? d. What are the current new stories? Write down the concepts that interest you. Beware of overused ideas or political topics when selecting a topic. Read general background information on the selected topic Read a broad summary thus enabling you to get an overview of the topic and how your proposed idea relates to both broad and narrow issues. It is a great source for finding words commonly used when describing the topic. These words are useful when it is time to finding more information on the topic. Use the keywords to further your research by scanning through relevant books, journal articles and documents. Formulate a hypothesis You should aim to keep a topic manageable; it should not be too broad or too narrow. Limiting a topic in terms of scope can be done through any of the following ways; · By geographical area; local, national, state…etc. · By culture; what makes a particular group ‘isolatable’ e.g. a pastoral community · By time frame; over a decade, 2 years…etc. · By population group A topic may be difficult to research on if it is either too confined, too recent or broadly interdisciplinary. At this point, you should ask questions that relate to your topic. The paper should aim to answer these questions and the questions should be related to identified keywords. Read and research more on your topic Gather information that will now answer the formulated questions. Use keywords to acquire information from web search engines, books, journal articles or documents.

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