Is there a PDF of the Epic of Gilgamesh in Cuneiform Writing?

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Is there a PDF of the Epic of Gilgamesh in cuneiform writing?

The Babylonian Flood texts of Gilgamesh are corrupted later versions of the historical Noah’s Flood. Gen 1-11 is much more ancient than any other Near Eastern text [Bill Cooper, After the Flood (Chichester. New Wine Press, 1995)]. We know this for several reasons. 1) There are over 250 Flood legends which all align much more closely with the story of Noah than the story of Utnapishtim whose ark was an unrealistic cube. Mistakes would be expected from other flood accounts as the true account was distorted while being passed down through the centuries. 2) The German Old Testament scholar Hermann Gunkel (1862–1932) chastised the proponents of Panbabylonianism and Jensen in particular for “conspicuous mistakes and remarkable aberrations” failing to understand the complexities of Old Testament. Since Gunkel’s time, modern scholars have had to agree with him on this. The Epic of Gilgamesh has to have been based on Noah’s Flood. 3) The standard Akkadian version of the Epic of Gilgamesh as we have it today was written by a Babylonian scribe named Sîn-lēqi-unninni during the Middle Babylonian Period (c. 1600 – c. 1155 BC), based on earlier Sumerian and Akkadian materials compiled from the recollections of their ancestors, Noah’s descendants. 4) Gilgamesh Epic is polytheistic; Genesis is monotheistic. Which came first before the other and is the oldest? Stephen Langdon of Oxford states, “The history of the oldest civilization of man is a rapid decline from monotheism to extreme polytheism and widespread belief in evil spirits.” [Stephen H. Langdon, Semitic Mythology, Mythology of All Races, Vol. V, Archaeol. Instit. Amer, p. xviii, 1931; in Arthur C. Custance, Evolution or Creation? The Doorway Papers, vol. 4, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, p. 114, 1976]. Wilhelm Schmidt also asserts that the original religion of mankind was monotheism based on his historical research and evidence. [Wilhelm Schmidt, The Origin and Growth of Religion, Cooper Square, New York, 1971; in Greg Hanington, Wilhelm Schmidt and the Origin of Religion, Creation 14(3).20–21, 1992]. “The first departure from monotheism seems to have been in the direction of nature worship. Sun, moon, and stars, the great representatives of nature, and fire, air, and water, the great representatives of earth, became objects of popular worship. At the first t were merely personified; then men came to believe that personal beings presided over them. Polytheism has a strong affinity for fallen human nature.” [Henry Clarence Thiessen, Lecture in Systematic Theology, revised by Vernon D. Doerksen, William E. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, p. 38, 1979]. Custance states, “it may safely be said without the slightest hesitation that monotheism never evolved out of polytheism in any part of the world’s earliest history for which we have documentary evidence.” [Custance, p. 119].

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And the other gods, who are sometimes called stars, he raised up for humanity. The oldest flood stories are based on the story of Noah’s flood which is in the first chapter of Genesis. This includes accounts from other sources including Sumerian myths and Mesopotamian Floods. Most of the Babylonian flood stories seem to have been distorted or modified to fit the narrative of Noah’s Flood. There have been two versions of the Epic of Gilgamesh which may have been written over a different period of time. The first is much shorter than the older Babylonian Epic and contains the story of Gilgamesh who is an inventor who makes inventions which are successful and popular throughout the Middle East and into India. Gilgamesh is a successful inventor who becomes the lord of a city as they compete to be the city which makes the best inventions. But there are.