Is It Possible to Write Code in C?

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Is it possible to write code in C/C++ to scroll through a PDF? If yes, how do I achieve this?

This is just gonna be a simple TL;DR. C is very low level and lets you get really close to the machine, but it’s a procedural language. What's important in our context is that that means it has no concept of objects and inheritance. C++ took the concept of Object Orientated Programming from some other language and the syntax and power of C and made C++ (the ++ implying it’s the next version as the `++` operator means to increase by one). C++ is so compatible with C that you often see it as C/C++ or C,C++ and can take a file made in C, make it a cpp file, and it’ll still run. This is why Bjourne Stroustrup (the creator) once said that some people try to use C++ as a C but with some more features, but that’s not the correct way to use it. C++ is fast and allows the creation of objects and how t relate to one another. It does a lot of what could be done in C for you to make your life easier. Due to it’s speed and objects, it’s often the best choice to make video games and operating systems in. C# is very different from C/C++. I believe part of it’s name came from C++ ++, then taking the second `++` and putting it under the first to make the `#` symbol, showing t think t’re the third in the series. That being said, if you tried making a cpp file into a cs file, you’re gonna have a bad time. It’s not gonna work at all. I guess you could say C# and C++ have as much in common as Java and JavaScript, which have as much in common as Ham and Hamster. JavaScript was named as such so people would think it had something to do with the original language Java, which was already popular, so basically tailgating of t’re success in some click-bait maneuver. The same might be true with C#. People assume it has do with C++ so t try it out. I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft, because, before C#, t made J++, which was basically just Java with little difference. After a lawsuit, t had to remove it, and made C# instead. Even still, C# 1 was very much like Java. Now at C# 7 though, it’s very different. C# is hands down my favorite programming language. While it may not be as fast, it has constant loads of luxurious features that make life easier, like expression body members, get and set properties, Linq, etc. T’re always adding new things and making it so you can do what used to take 10 lines of code, into 1 line. This is important to me because I feel that what takes a program a long time to write shouldn’t be the fact you have to type a lot, that shouldn’t be the variable. What determines the length of time should be how smart you are and how complex what you’re trying to do is. C# prevents you from doing certain things that C/C++ allows you to, but some of these things were things that you would never want to do anyways and were probably some mistake that was going to lead to some really weird behavior and you not knowing why, like assigning in a conditional field, or having `5;` as an expression. That line of code isn’t “doing” anything, so C# won’t let that run because it was probably a mistake. A lot of modern features are also added into C#, such as dynamic typing, implicit variable declarations, and now local functions. However, a big feature missing is that C# can’t inherit from multiple classes, only multiple Interfaces. This I never liked, but now that interfaces can have default implementations, I feel like we can get closer. C# is also used for games, and used a lot in the Unity game engine. Some people are getting it to run on Unreal Engine, which I need to look more into. Well, this still came out to be pretty long, but what can ya do, it’s programming after all. Also, C - - is a programming language too. It was made to be a more simple scripting language version of C++. I don’t think it gets much use though. **Edit** I've never looked into C - - and I guess I was wrong. Erika corrected me on C - - saying. > C - - is actually based off C, not C++. It’s a way to generate code for very high level languages. The very high level language file gets translated to C—, then it’s compiled.

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