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Is it possible to edit/delete/write PDF files on a mobile phone?

Yes. Think of computers. T can be hacked. Phones work a simmaler way. Viruses like malware can do that. Do u know these apps that asks to delete files. A malware can do that but with alot of ur files and save it in a server lr ransomeware which im not getting into.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

How much data will be taken from my computer with these apps? Will you be left with a computer of half it's size? When a computer is hacked it has to use the system's memory. When you do not have the memory it will have to go get other memory. What will happen when the computers RAM is full? This is very important to remember because if a computer cannot get your files it will run slower causing more problems. The computer will need a memory upgrade and the system will run slower and use less energy. It is really dangerous to lose all your files and your data. I don't mind the virus, but it's really annoying if you have to have the memory upgraded. You could just not turn it on in the first place and this program will automatically take up the memory space, delete all.