Is It Important for a Writer to Write His?

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Is it important for a writer to write his/her piece of work on MS Word or other electronic writing tools? Will he/she go unread properly by the publishing house if he/she writes on paper?

You can hire someone to type up your handwritten manuscript for a couple hundred dollars. There is no reason to force yourself to use a computer if you don't want to. There is also no reason not to submit the manuscript in the format an agent or publishing house will expect.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

When you write a manuscript on your own, take the time to make a list of everything you want your agent, editor, or publisher to know about it. You don't want them telling you, “Sorry, no dice.” This section is for you when your agent tells you, “Sorry, not interested.” You want to be very honest and tell them why. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's not an open, worldwide secret that your manuscript may be rejected, but that doesn't mean it's a complete waste. As long as you're able to publish it, it's good enough. And, if you're willing to take a hit financially, you can always sell the first few copies of the book to be an asset to your future books. If your manuscript is too good to be published, don't submit it. If your manuscript makes you think you should be ashamed of.