I Want to Write Details to a PDF File from a Database Using Php?

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I want to write details to a PDF file from a database using PHP. How do I do this?

For displaying PDF files you would require to set proper headers. Try setting the below headers and also replace the file name with your file path. header('Content-type. application/pdf'); header('Content-Disposition. inline; filename="' . $filename . '"'); header('Content-Transfer-Encoding. binary');

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X-MS-Exchange-Organization: Exchange Online'); header('Expires:”'. (Get-Date). ';'); header('Drama: HTTP;//') 2. Make your own. Now you need to create an event with a custom name for this filter and then add the code that you want your file to be displayed. Here is how the filter works. Set-Content -Path C:\temp\FileEvent1.psd1 -Message 'Here is my message for your file with this path.' 3. Save the filter. Click save changes to make your event active Set-Content -Path C:\temp\FileEvent1.psd1 -Message True 4. Test out. I am sure you have seen this before. The process is the same. Set-Content -Path C:\temp\FileEvent1.psd1 -Message False If you do end up testing this the way I did it might give you a different message. 5. Add the Filter. Save and Test again Get-Content c:\temp\FileEvent1.psd1 | Set-Content -Path c:\temp\FileEvent1.psd1 6. Set-Content -Path c:\temp\FileEvent1.psd1. 7. Run the application. If you look at the source code it has a function similar to this in it. iMessage = 'Here is my file with this path.' philomath = iMessage. ToUpper().

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