I Need a Textbook Reader Application That Supports Note Taking?

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I need a textbook reader application that supports note-taking, searching, highlighting, and organizing books of any format (EPUB, PDF). Does this exist?

As suggested, I don’t think there is one application that can read everything, and if there is, I’d be pretty sure it can’t manage editing and curation at the same time. Calibre, as already suggested is a good all-rounder; in fact one thing it can do is convert files from one format to another. If you have (or can identify) a favoured app for edit/ search/ highlight/ note-taking, you should be able to convert most formats into one which the app can address via Calibre, and then do the rest of your work in that app. I’d suggest taking a look at Evernote - one of the paid versions - if you decide PDF is a good standard to adopt. Students currently get a good discount for the Premium app which can search for text inside PDF files, and handle annotation and organisation (via notebooks and tags).

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