How Do You Write An Ebook And Make Money in PDF?

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How do you write an eBook and make money in PDF?

Hello there, Disclaimer First. I am one of the founders @ Notion Press Publishing. Self-publishing your novel is a great idea since it gives you the opportunity of reaching readers and getting feedback about your book. However, with over 2 million titles on Amazon alone, the book industry is an extremely competitive space for new authors. Your book needs to be well written, edited, positioned, designed, distributed, and marketed properly to stand any chance of success and start earning profits. There is no way of calculating what an average self-published book sells even on platforms like Amazon. Sales details are usually only shown to the publisher or the author of the book. If you want to gauge the success of self-published books in your category of writing, then you could use category ranks on Amazon as your measure. Amazon has a strict ranking system (based on a number of factors) according to which books are shown to readers. A top 100 in your category or a top 1000 in books generally means these books are selling hundreds of copies in a month. Some of our authors at Notion Press have had huge success selling more than 100,000 copies while others sell just a few copies in a year. But the thing with self-publishing a book is that if your book is a decent hit, you take home the major share of the profit instead of your publisher. If the total sales for your book are worth $10,000 then you stand to take home anywhere between $6000-$7000 in royalties compared to $700 if you had published with a traditional publisher.

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And even if you have an overall success, that success will be very temporary because your publishing contract is often up at the end of your month (and they will typically require two months to finish publishing your book). This means you need to do two things before you start selling books: promote your book and create a promotional strategy. How To Promote Your Self-Published Amazon Title You can use Amazon, Blogger, Twitter, your own blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or your social media accounts to promote your book.  Here's how to promote your book: 1) Create an Amazon listing Create an Amazon listing for your book and place it on the e-commerce website of your choice. Amazon and other online book marketplaces charge a few additional fees. Make sure you charge the right amount for you are willing to pay and that Amazon won't send you any fake review requests. Amazon fees for.

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