How Do I Write a Research Proposal in PDF?

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How do I write a research proposal in PDF?

In January this year, I wrote an 8000-word PhD proposal in 3.5 days and received a PhD offer from one of the top 50 universities in the world (according to QS World University Rankings). Writing a research proposal in two days is totally doable, BUT you must be highly strategic. One thing you should know about research proposal is that it, in most cases, will not transform perfectly into a PhD thesis. Most PhD students ditch at least 30~40% of what t proposed in their research proposals. Some even entirely change their research projects (with their thesis supervisors’ consent, of course). The interview committee also understand that at an early stage, people applying for a PhD will not come up with a perfect research plan. Therefore, the committee simply look for two things in a research proposal. passion and potential. Here are a few tips on writing a (seemingly) solid proposal in two days. Choose a topic with which you are familiar. Given that you have two days, you don’t have the luxury to grasp the rudiments. My proposed PhD research concerns itself with video game culture and global gaming industries. I have been playing video games since I was 5 and been reading game reviews on a weekly basis; therefore, even though my bachelor’s and master’s have nothing to do with video game studies, I still manage to demonstrate detailed knowledge about the subject. Read review articles. “Literature review” and “proposed arguments” are the most important constituents of a research proposal, so make sure you keep in touch with the latest trend in your interested field. One way to do so is to read review articles, articles that summarise seminal articles and previously published research (see Fig. 1). There is no way you can go through all those studies mentioned in review articles in two days, but at least you want to cite some of them in order to pretend you are well-informed. After observing some recent trends in your field, you then need to come up with something original, by proposing a paradigmatic shift, studying new materials, etc. Spend less time on Quora and start writing. Fig. 1. A review article I recently read, which is written by a scholar whom I met at a conference. P.S. The PhD programme I applied values the research proposal more than GPA or personal statement, and it somehow encourages a lengthy, detailed research proposal. Many universities in the UK don’t really require a research proposal that long, so make sure you satisfy specific requirements when applying. Most PhD students/ candidates I know are good at procrastinating, that is, t don’t start writing until the deadline is imminent. Even though you may have read lots of related literature before, I can assure you that writing a PhD research proposal in two days is quite a daunting task. Get some Red Bull and good luck.

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I would hope that, one day (or maybe soon? Not sure!), I will be able to say ’thank you’ to someone for giving me the opportunity to discover a new interest in life, a whole new world within the gaming community, a new world that is now being revealed around me, and perhaps, the best part (well, the part that makes sense): that I had the talent within me, just like the other candidates or scholars, to realize a new passion/ project. I just finished my PhD, and am now applying for the next stage of my academic career.