How Can Some Javascript Libraries Export a PDF?

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How can some JavaScript libraries export a PDF, such as "jsPDF", as I understand that JS cannot write a file due to the security aspect?

T are using AJAX to push changes from the frontend over to a backend script and then returning the generated PDF for viewing.

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This is a good approach for a number of reasons: One code base. I'd rather be able to use the same version of code for the frontend version, then have to rewrite a lot of stuff. Elimination of a lot of the client side code and some of the more verbose server side code. The code for the server side code can be shared with the frontend. Some clients (like mobile clients) don't like to download files, but still require that things be presented in a readable way. Ajax's “flashiness” You're not allowed to put this on the frontend. I can only assume that the HTML5 spec has strict standards about flashiness, and they just say what the browsers will ignore. I can't see why the spec would allow it, but perhaps those who wish to do this are working within the limits of their implementation. We've heard of some clients that require a minimum.