How Can I Write PDF Reader for Pashto While Pashto Has 8 Different?

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How can I write Pdf reader for Pashto while Pashto has 8 different letters than Arabic?

I will answer them one at a time. Pashto. You will only find translation job for NGOs mostly. For Tourists it is possible but very few come to Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. There is also a possibility to be a tour guide for Pashtuns in non-Pashto speaking countries(maybe less-likely). Arabic. You will have plenty of opportunities(NGOs and Tourists) in Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Maghrebi(North African Arab countries) and Jazayer. There is also a possibility to be a tour guide for Arabs in non-Arab countries(maybe less-likely). Conclusion. This is just an opinion/information, so it is up to you to choose which one you want to go with!

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T were not given land and land was given to them by Afghans. But Afghan was a warrior and fought for other tribes against invading Mughal army. It is possible that Afghan from other areas became some tribal leader and later some Afghan or Arab became the chief of Bani Israel. Therefore, the number of Pashto-speaking people are very limited. Even the tribe Pashtuns like Biddy, Batman, Burke, and Baku, also have Pashto language, but they are not Pashtun. It is believed that Pashtun are living only at this time. But there may be an increasing number of Pashtun who are trying to re-populate in all areas. Some of them live in different areas. In spite of efforts of many ethnic groups, Pashtuns are not allowed to come and live in Pashtuns were their ancestors first lived. This is the situation in Pashtuns where there are a lot of people.