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I found my phone was automatically installing a number of short video apps on my phone week over week. [Disclaimer. I don’t see it to be issue with the Video app brands, since all of those are very good startups working in this space and innovating, The problem was with something else, read below] Every week i uninstall the apps, the very next week, I find some other similar app getting installed on my phone without my knowledge. This was unusual and i never faced such issue in past. I was not sure if it was some malware installed on my phone which was doing that or was it new update from Android to install recommended apps. Either way, I wanted to keep my phone clean and wanted to avoid keeping any app which i don’t use. I solved these using the following steps. If you found any app which got installed without your knowledge, tap the app icon to get option to view “App Info”. Now, in “App Info”, you can see the source of installation of this app. In my case it as written as “Recommended App”. Now go the Settings > Apps. It will show all the listed apps. Now go through all the unnecessary apps or the apps which you are not aware of. Uninstall those which do never use. Don’t be scared that you may delete any system apps. System will not allow you to uninstall any such app. Which scrolling through the list of apps, I found an app titled “Recommended App” as mentioned in point no. 2 above. There was no option to uninstall it since it came pre-installed with the device. So I clicked on “Force Stop” and “Disable”. Problem solved. If this still doesn’t solve your problem, try installing Malwarebytes app (It is a Malware scanner) from Google play store and try doing a security/privacy audit, to check for the apps which has the permission to install app from unknown sources. Though it may not show you “Recommended App” app which i mentioned in Point number 2.

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Android It can be downloaded at HTTPS.// If you've got any questions, you can find the Google app and support forums here: Google Play Forums ( ) and on the Apple support forum ( ) I'm also using Ivona on my iPhone 7 with iOS 10. Ivona is a perfect app, but not enough to get me to switch back to Google. I love the iPhone's native text-to-speech support and will probably not switch to Android anytime soon. And finally, the best way for me to speak at work? Text-to-voice, but with good sound. Apple has it right (text-to-speech on iOS is much improved now)! This is great news for all of us and definitely a reason to give iOS one more try.