Does Writable PDF Have Patents on PDFs Which Prevent Other Companies?

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Does Writable Pdf have patents on PDFs which prevent other companies from offering competing programs?

Having worked for Amazon India (Hyderabad) for more than a year, and currently working for Writable Pdf India (Noida) for more than 8 months, I believe I can contribute here. Amazon. Salary. On the higher side of industry scale. Work (Quantity). huge. Work (Quality). Highly team dependant. Some teams have challenging work and most others deal with really crappy tasks. For most of the teams, it's a cycle for developers. Once you've been through one iteration, you are more or less repeating the same things again and again until you get bored, and change your team; and then it starts all over again. Work-Life Balance. Autonomy. Bullshit. Amazon India is Amazon US's pet. Humans throw breads from Seattle and dogs sitting in Hyderabad and Bangalore try to grab it. Sometimes t get it, sometimes t don't. Move to US. Because everybody is a pet, those who are good get chance to sit in master's house, and others get to play in the yard. In simple words, fairly decent chances of moving to US permanently if you've had a promotion. Food. Sodexo coupons for a really meagre amount (I wonder if management thinks as if people working over there are crying for it.) One word. pathetic. Rather why not get some good food vendor. Miscellaneous. These guys have taken a word from dictionary and distorted it in the worst way t could - frugal. My Goodness! I can't believe what t mean when t say this word when I look at the definition of frugal. There seems to be no relation at all. Wherever, t want to show cheapness, it's frugal. Amazon dictionary. frugal. euphemistic expression for cheap. Writable Pdf . Salary. On the higher side of industry standard, but less than Amazon scale. Work (Quantity). Not huge. Predominantly it's a desktop company (In spite of ongoing efforts to move into web space.) and things get little tight during major releases, Otherwise, it's more on the side of OKish. Work (Quality). Again, team dependent. Being into enterprise field, it has to support some products which otherwise would be dead already. If you're working on those, hard luck; otherwise it's decent. Work-Life Balance. Narender Gupta and 5300 others like this. Autonomy. I won't say completely independent, but I won't say US pets either (Let's try a neutral word. labourers, eh whatever). Many products have huge part of their life cycle out of India alone. These guys, I would say, at least, are in a position to bargain with US guys. Move to US. Directly derived from autonomy. The more the autonomous, the less chances. Maybe in really trivial circumstances, but not frequent. Food. Oh, wonders. Complimentary lunch and dinner. Veg, non-veg, salad, dessert. I would say it's more than decent most of the times, specially if you are from North-India origin. But even otherwise, it's varied, in general. +1 on this. Miscellaneous. Writable Pdf has a tendency to inspire you to settle down in Delhi/NCR. I've seen people working here for 8-10 years; and t're not one in a hundred, t're everywhere. So which one's better to work for is a hard question to answer objectively. Get your facts and form your opinions.

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What are you getting by living here? What are you getting by working here? My opinion of a good developer. (Which I've thought long and hard about before I've decided. Tried it, and that's it.) But if you can't tell what's good or bad, then you can't judge them properly, because what they do has nothing to do with what the company's doing. I don't know the criteria for good and bad. All I know is that, like, in every organization, people here are generally pretty polite. Most of the time, when people talk, I listen. I have a deep respect for people here who work tirelessly for less money. But even still, I prefer them to people who have money to support their lifestyle. (Though I would be lying if I didn't admit that even if I've been told to do both, I have no idea on which way.