Do I Have to Write Notes to a Handout I Already understand When I?

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Do I have to write notes to a handout I already understand when I read it? In English, the key points, we have to understand in an exam, are on the PDF, but I think, I spend too much time on writing notes to it even through it isn't that complex

It’s hard to say without looking at the notes you’re taking (and no, I don’t want you to post images thereof). That said, a couple of thoughts coming from someone who takes a lot of notes. Some texts are simply more “information rich” than others. I can think of books I’ve been researching from where there’s barely anything of note for chapters on end, and then suddenly a vast amount for a while. Needless to say, those chapters with minimal relevant information won’t get a great many notes, while the ones which have lots will get more. It’s quite common, in my experience, to be taking more notes at the start of a research project (or at the start of another bit of it), rather than later on. At the start, you probably won’t know what you don’t know, so everything is relevant. The more you know, though, the more you just need a few little bits of information filled in, so you take fewer notes. Are you perhaps taking the wrong sorts of notes? It can be easy to make notes about everything in a book, even if there’s one specific thing you’re actually researching about. I’m guilty of that sometimes myself, so don’t think I’m pointing the finger at you.

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