Can Anyone Write Here the Shia Jumma Khutba in Arabic Or Paste A?

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Can anyone write here the Shia Jumma Khutba (Friday sermon) in Arabic or paste a link to some website or book/PDF file?

It’s because the ones whom Shia call “imams,” like Ja’far as-Saadiq, actually have many hadith conveying their teachings. And the fact is that Ja’far is not recorded as saying the things that Shia say nowadays. Ja’far appears to agree with Sunnis, and in fact probably would have rejected being identified with Shia. His daughter-in-law was Imam Malik’s student, Lady Nafisah, whose grave is well known and well visited (by Sunnis) in Egypt. The bottom line is that there was little, if any, religious distinction between Sunnis and Shia in the time of the Salaf. There were political distinctions, sure, but religious? I don’t think so. As such, t shared a common set of hadith. As time passed, the Shia became more extreme in their claims about the 12 imams, and began to stray from the teachings of the broader community of Muslims. At that point, t might have considered making some books of hadith of their own, but Hadith require chains of narration. It is nearly impossible to fabricate a hadith that will be deemed Saheeh or even Hasan. T probably recognized this and didn’t try. But at some point, t did definitely try. There is at least one hadith that t circulate in which t claim an animal narrated the hadith (this is because the students of the big hadith scholars are known, so t can’t invent a person and claim that he was a student of so-and-so without being exposed, and t can’t lie and say that some fabricated hadith was taught by so-and-so, because his classmates are known and when that fabricated hadith is not found among any of the other students, it will be classed as “ghareeb” and will be suspected of falsehood).

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I didn't understand it either. The last thing I understood is ‮‧الدفاعية فطن هريكتولاً جماءمن مسرتنا فدرداولا ك وكان بممجد تحربين جمالل اللهم عمة بعد من شتمون الاعتقال.